Παρασκευή, 5 Νοεμβρίου 2010



The story of a young prince, not long ago I ver been told
His planet was so far away, the name I don’t recall
One day, on earth he landed, and met, a little fox

She asked him would you be my friend
But he had never heard such word
She took the boy in to her nest
They played and loughed, forgot the rest

She said to him, I m gonna cry, when it’s time, for you to leave
But still your friend, I want to be, and have you in my dreams
When you ll be gone, and I am left alone, in those great big fields
Your golden hair, I’ ll be remembering, shining next to me

The story ended sadly, the prince’s time run out
His friend the fox, was left behind, unhappy with no doubt
Each day, alone there crying, the poor, litlle fox

She asked him, tell me please my friend
Will you be coming back again
She asked but there was no reply
the prince had left without goodbye

Now look at me, my tears won’t dry, and you’ re so far from me
But still you friend, I’ ll always be and have you in my dreams
Since you are gone, and I’ m all alone, in these empty fields
Your golden hair, are shining next to me, giving me hope to live.

Goodbye my prince, goodbye my prince, goodbye my prince, goodbye

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