Κυριακή, 10 Μαρτίου 2013

LIFE ( a simple reminder )

what is life
is what happens from the time we are born until the time we die
what do we make of that time and is what we do with it really our choice ?
take for example someone who is born poor , he will either make peace with the nature of his life and settle with it or he will make it his purpose to work hard and take what life never gave him
He will get a fancy big house, a car, travel around the world, will that be enough  to make him happy
I think only for a while...the more you have the more you want and this is a big trap in everyone's life
wanting more and more  - a never ending search for happiness in material things
do we ever realise that happines does not come with material things ?
i remember my self still in highschool having this conversation with my self
what is the purpose of life ? to grow up, study hard, get a job with a good salary, have a family,
then what ?
children will grow up and leave us eventualy , live their own lives, you can not cling on to children to be happy, in that case you are miserable and you make your children miserable

say you had no family, no husbant, no wife, no children, then you had to live with your self
how about pretending you are by your self and remember how it feels to be a child when you only cared about loving and pleasing your self.
ask yourself if by making your life's purpose to please your spouce and children you let down your self
and then one day comes when you look in the mirror and this person you are looking at is a stranger
dont recognise the face, is full of wringles, the body is too fat, and there is no smile there any more !
ask your self, if you met yourself would you like to be your friend, would be fan to be around ?
if you were a man or a woman would you feel atracted to you ?
are you happy ?
or are you lost ? is it time to go in that black forest and find your self and bring them out again?
you know the way
I ll tell you one think I know for sure, having the house sparkle and cook nice dinner for others is not the way
maybe look at yourself as the sexual person you are, you have always being ....and sexuality is not simply having a sex life, it means to love your self and show it, let others know you are there and you are happy to be alive
learn, let your brain evolve and expand like the universe, get new information and get the excitement of a six year old learning the abc
create and feel proud for your creation
be crazy
let your self lough
it s a fucking beautiful world out there ! and you are part of it !


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